Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I dropped the ball

I totally forgot to post my Tuesday Tip O' the Day yesterday. Between writing "Dear Army Family" Christmas cards, doing a little online Christmas shopping, and anticipating my "Girl's Night Out" with my MOPS crew...well, it just slipped my mind.

I apologize profusely, as I know all (5) of my readers wait with baited breath each Tuesday for me to bestow upon them a tip that will make them run faster, jump higher, and look better than they did before. Oh wait, isn't that some sort of tennis shoe motto?? LOL

Without further adieu-

Your Tuesday Wednesday Tip O' the Day:

When stealing err, I mean "sharing" your toddler's Halloween candy, make sure not to crumple the paper so as to attract the attention of the aforementioned tyke. This will cause said child to quickly scamper into the kitchen to inquire, "What are you eating, Mama? Can I have some? I want some of that! I need a bite!"
This will soon turn into, "HEY, THAT'S MY CANDY!" These statements are generally followed by some major whining and pouting, unless you give in and give her a bite.

My advice? Eat their candy while they nap. Then they'll never know.

While on the topic of Halloween candy - yesterday during the whole "sharing" of the candy, I got a total DOUBLE BONUS. I was eating Starburst (the little 2 packs people give out for Halloween) and look what I got:

I scored not ONE, but TWO double reds. Which totally happen to be my favorite!! SUH-WEET!


Destini said...

I've been savvy to the whole sneak while sleeping tactic. My little one has ears like a hawk and doesn't miss a thing!

Beck said...

Nice. Pink are better but if you prefer Red then go you! Ha. Good advice I need more of this stuff for when my little one comes in a couple months........

amanda said...

i didn't even know what to do yesterday without a tip...

good tip with the candy... I always get busted!

thanks, by the way, for writing all those cards! SO wonderful!

Cindy said...

Julie you crack me up! and wasn't our little Girls night out FUN?? I so enjoyed myself. However, upon arrival home I got the third degree, "wow, you sure were gone a long time. . . " "did you forget where you lived. . . . "

come on now, how come when mom leaves its just NOT OK???? but dad can be gone for like hours and its OK??? boggles my mind!

Cindy said...

BTW, our halloween candy is long gone. . . . deep sixed it! file thirteened it! LOL just couldn't take the wrappers all over anymore!