Friday, November 21, 2008

Need for prayer

I just got an email from my ex-husband stating that he lost his job as part of a mass layoff from his employer. My ex stated that he may need to leave the state to find work. We have joint custody of our children, and there is no way I want them to move anywhere, but I doubt that my ex would agree to giving me custody and having him retain visitation. I don't like the idea of the kids being here for weeks or months and then with their dad for weeks or months, either.

Please pray for local job opportunities for my ex, for wisdom for me in dealing with potential legal battles, for my children as any change will be a big deal for them, and for God's peace in my heart as I try to do the very best for my children.



Devin said...

Will do, Julie. Will do.

Shelly said...

aw--will definitely be praying!

Beck said...

Praying praying for you! Scary times......God has a plan even in the hardest times right?

12-arrows said...

I will most certainly be praying that God opens a door for your ex and that he cannot deny that God did it! I can't even begin to imagine how tough this is on you and how you must be sitting on pins and needles. I am here for you, my dear sweet friend!!! anytime!!!

No_Newz said...

I'm glad you found me, even if you were just looking for PETA stuff. :) Thank you for your comments about my brother in law situation. Thankfully, we have repaired our hearts. Home will be back to normal eventually. My brother in law is completely out of our lives at this point. Don't ask don't tell, is a good policy. :)

I hope things have improved since your last post here as well.

amanda said...

I will be praying for you all.

Praying for that He will give you peace, wisdom, confidence, and patience.

p.s. I got your Dear Army Family cards. SO SO exciting! Thank you so very much!