Thursday, January 17, 2008


My brother in law updated Ande's website today, check it out here. (Thanks, Tim, it looks really good!) I talked to Ande tonight, and he said the NAMM show is HUGE. He said he saw some famous people, but he didn't really want to go through the list. When I spoke with him, he was sitting in a pretty ritzy hotel. I'm pretty sure he said it was the Grand Californian. Yeah, he's NOT staying there, although I'm sure he probably wouldn't mind it. He had to go there because his friend Ron had to get his pass to the NAMM show from another guy, Mark from Analysis Plus. Mark is from our area as well, and is the one who gave Ande his pass to the NAMM show as well. He's a pretty cool guy, from what I've seen/heard.

Wouldn't you know that yesterday, because Ande took our camera to CA with him, that The Jib was just being hilariously funny? She managed to pull down the dishwasher door, after which she promptly climbed up and sat on it, looking happy as a clam. Of course, since I had no camera, I could take no picture. Ugh. (It didn't dawn on me until later that both of our older girls have digital cameras, and I really could have taken a picture.) Of course, not to be outdone on the cuteness factor, Puckey wanted to "snuggle in mama's bed" last night. If you've read some of my other posts, you've probably seen the pictures. Who could resist her little dark chocolate eyes and sweet little smile? Not me. So she snuggled mama right to the edge of our king sized bed. I was balancing on about 8 inches of mattress, when there was a good 3-4 FEET of mattress on the other side of her. When I got up this morning, I would have taken a picture of where she was in relation to the size of the bed, but this was before I remembered that the girls had cameras. Oh well - the week isn't up yet, and I have a feeling that she will want to snuggle again at least one more night this week!!!

For those of you who haven't, please check out Confessions of a CF Husband and see what's new. Nate posted some more pictures of baby Gwyneth, and she is SO sweet! She reminds me of a little baby monkey (which is a GOOD thing - until Puckey could talk, we called HER monkey because she was all long limbed, skinny, and hairy when she was born! Poor girl even had hairy ears! Of course, when she started talking, she informed us that she was Puckey, NOT monkey. Now she's a dinosaur.) Please continue to pray for strength and healing for this family, as they still have a LOOOONG road ahead.

Okay, it's about 2 hours past the time I had decided I was going to get to bed tonight, so I'm going to go now.


Lutz Family in OK said...

gotta love those "snuggles" =)

today was busy, but I want to check out ande's site and go back to the cf husband one...

enjoy your time with the girls, keep looking for the picture perfect moments!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!