Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did you know that singing can be DANGEROUS?

At least according to Puckey. I was just being silly and singing, "Jib fought the sauce and the sauce won" to the tune of "I fought the law..." and Puckey told me, "Don't sing that, it's DANGEROUS."

Dangerous for whom??? My guess is for the people who have to listen to me sing (which is mainly Puckey and The Jib...)

Ah, the brutal honesty of children.


Devin said...

BRUTAL honesty is right...Cameron told me yesterday (after like, 2 hours of cleaning out my 2 vehicles and sweating like no one's business) that I was stinky.

Thank you. Thank you very much Cameron. I couldn't have guessed that already--appreciate the affirmation.


Destini said...

I can see the danger in bad singing...I've heard of glass breaking! Could be bad...just saying... :)

amanda said...

oh the honesty of our little ones... =)

be careful with the dangerous singing.... I dare you to sing "danger zone" from Top Gun--that would probably send her over the edge!