Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these...

Most of my childhood, I envied the kids who had those old-school label makers. You know the ones, that made labels that looked like this:

Those are called "Embossing Label Makers", and you know what? They STILL make them! Dymo, probably one of the most well-known names in label machines, also makes electronic label makers, too.

I went to the Dymo website, and found all kinds of different ideas for what I could use a label maker for. I was really surprised by the number of products they had. From the embossing label makers all the way to a fancy-schmancy disc painter, you really could find a label maker for just about any need. Of course, the price of the label maker does goes up according to the coolness factor of the product - the disc painter, for instance, goes on the website for a cool $280 (msrp). You can see all of the cool products they have by clicking here: file folders

Thinking of my daily tasks, I could use label makers to make address labels for shipping stuff I sell on eBay, printing postage for said packages, making labels for file folders, etc. I'm sure if there's a label maker made for a task, I could find a use for it! (I LOVE labels)

The kids, being back at school now, would be able to use a label maker, too! Bubber's got football equipment to keep track of, Bug has a clarinet case that could easily get lost in the shuffle...Nans likes stickers and would probably think it was cool to label everything she owns!! Yeah, we really could use a label maker.

So, any of you out there who were just wondering at what you could get me for Christmas...here's a hint:


amanda said...

seriously, i used to really covet those label-makers.

Michelle said...

we use www.affordableaddresslabels.com for all of our personalized return address labels