Saturday, September 13, 2008

The more I read, the more I like...

Ann Coulter. I know she's sort of abrasive, and that she isn't above sounding downright mean. But I like her. (Maybe because I'm sort of abrasive at times, too)

I just read this article online, and thought I'd share it with you. If you aren't a Republican, if you ARE a fan of Michael Moore, you DON'T like George Bush, and you would rather see a guy who's middle name is HUSSEIN (for Pete's Sake!) than a military veteran and a smart, witty hockey mom who isn't afraid to buck the system in the White House, you may wish to stop reading now. I'm just sayin'.


By Ann CoulterWed Sep 10, 7:58 PM ET

Morose that there hasn't been another terrorist attack on American soil for seven long years, liberals were ecstatic when Hurricane Gustav was headed toward New Orleans during the Republican National Convention last week. The networks gave the hurricane plenty of breaking-news coverage -- but unfortunately it was Hurricane Katrina from 2005 they were covering.

On Keith Olbermann's Aug. 29 show on MSNBC, Michael Moore said the possibility of a Category 3 hurricane hitting the United States "is proof that there is a God in heaven." Olbermann responded: "A supremely good point."

Actually, Olbermann said that a few minutes later to some other idiotic point Moore had made, but that's how Moore would have edited the interview for one of his "documentaries," so I will, too. I would only add that Michael Moore's morbid obesity is proof that there is a Buddha.

Hurricane Gustav came and went without a hitch. What a difference a Republican governor makes!

As many have pointed out, the reason elected officials tend to neglect infrastructure projects, like reinforcing levees in New Orleans and bridges in Minneapolis, is that there's no glory when a bridge doesn't collapse. There are no round-the-clock news specials when the levees hold. You can't even name an overpass retrofitting project after yourself -- it just looks too silly. But everyone's taxes go up to pay for the reinforcements.

Preventing another terrorist attack is like that. There is no media coverage when another 9/11 doesn't happen. We can thank God that President George Bush didn't care about doing the safe thing for himself; he cared about keeping Americans safe. And he has, for seven years.

If Bush's only concern were about his approval ratings, like a certain impeached president I could name, he would not have fought for the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq. He would not have resisted the howling ninnies demanding that we withdraw from Iraq, year after year. By liberals' own standard, Bush's war on terrorism has been a smashing, unimaginable success.

A year after the 9/11 attack, The New York Times' Frank Rich was carping about Bush's national security plans, saying we could judge Bush's war on terror by whether there was a major al-Qaida attack in 2003, which -- according to Rich -- would have been on al-Qaida's normal schedule.

Rich wrote: "Since major al-Qaida attacks are planned well in advance and have historically been separated by intervals of 12 to 24 months, we will find out how much we've been distracted soon enough." ("Never Forget What?" New York Times, Sept. 14, 2002.)

There wasn't a major al-Qaida attack in 2003. Nor in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007. Manifestly, liberals thought there would be: They announced a standard of success that they expected Bush to fail.

As Bush has said, we have to be right 100 percent of the time, the terrorists only have to be right one time. Bush has been right 100 percent of the time for seven years -- so much so that Americans have completely forgotten about the threat of Islamic terrorism.

For his thanks, President Bush has been the target of almost unimaginable calumnies -- the sort of invective liberals usually reserve for seniors who don't separate their recyclables properly. Compared to liberals' anger at Bush, there has always been something vaguely impersonal about their "anger" toward the terrorists.

By my count, roughly one in four books in print in the world at this very moment have the words "Bush" and "Lie" in their title. Barnes & Noble has been forced to add an "I Hate Bush" section. I don't believe there are as many anti-Hitler books.

Despite the fact that Hitler brought "change," promoted clean, energy-efficient mass transit by making the trains run on time, supported abortion for the non-master races, vastly expanded the power of the national government and was uniformly adored by college students and their professors, I gather that liberals don't like Hitler because they're constantly comparing him to Bush.

The ferocity of the left's attacks on Bush even scared many of his conservative allies into turning on him over the war in Iraq.

George Bush is Gary Cooper in the classic western "High Noon." The sheriff is about to leave office when a marauding gang is coming to town. He could leave, but he waits to face the killers as all his friends and all the townspeople, who supported him during his years of keeping them safe, slowly abandon him. In the end, he walks alone to meet the killers, because someone has to.

That's Bush. Name one other person in Washington who would be willing to stand alone if he had to, because someone had to.

OK, there is one, but she's not in Washington yet. Appropriately, at the end of "High Noon," Cooper is surrounded by the last two highwaymen when, suddenly, his wife (Grace Kelly) appears out of nowhere and blows away one of the killers! The aging sheriff is saved by a beautiful, gun-toting woman.


Shelly said...

i'm going to link to this from my blog! you know, just cause we're like minded and all =)

12-arrows said...

Just gotta love Ann Coulter! Bryan thinks she is absolutely "HOT"! Seriously though, she is one on-target woman! Love the post!!!

Devin said...

I have to say, I like her too, although sometimes I think she does do herself a disservice by the very frank verbage she uses. She could get her point across just as well sometimes without being so 'rough', for lack of a better word!

I did like this article, though, and I have always appreciated what Bush has done and is doing for our country. Someone has to stand up and be the 'bad guy' in others' eyes to get the job done...and that is what he is doing.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

That was Classic!!! I Love it!!!

Ann Coulter once again hits the nail directly on the head.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

You people are scary and the reason I choose to live in Europe. It pains me to see America go down the tubes because so-called Christians, who seem to ignore the message of tolerance and love that Jesus lived and preached- Ann Coulter is the very antithesis of this, if you haven't noticed. And by the way, for the hundred millionth time, Obama is NOT a Muslim and Hussein happens to be a common name in other parts of the world- believe it or not, the US is not the only country on the globe- check out a map sometime.

Julie said...

Ah, you gotta love the "anonymous" comments.

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous:

Not everyone who calls him (or her) self a Christian actually IS one. Any person who supports issues like abortion or same-sex marriage is NOT a Christian. Jesus did not support those things, and neither should people who claim to be Christians.

Yes, Ann Coulter is a bit rough around the edges, but Jesus didn't exactly play nice when he took issue with people's behavior. (I'm referring to how he dealt with the money changers in the temple - see John 2:12-16 NIV; Mark 11:12-18 NIV; )

If you care to learn more about Jesus, I'd love to tell you about him sometime.

BTW, there wasn't one thing in my post that said anything about Obama being Muslim. If his middle name was Hitler, I probably would have pointed that out, too.

I'm very aware that the US is not the only country on the globe - it actually must be pretty much the coolest place to live, though, since we have such a high rate of illegal immigration. I'm just sayin'.

Thanks for checking out my blog!! Hope you come back sometime.

12-arrows said...

You go girl! Don't ya just love those anonymous posts? If they can't share their name then they are the real "cowards" in life. Hey I say, stay in Europe, we don't want you here!

Brandi said...

HI Julie,

Came to your blog from Rick Green's.

Great post! And wonderful response to Anonymous (why will they never leave their names?)!

I plan on visiting you again.

Like your blog.

Case said...

Dear Julie,

I am a lesbian AND a Christian- both at the same time. You know why? Because God made me that way- so suck it!

Julie said...

Well Case, I'm a Christian and a sinner, too. The important thing is to ask God to help you turn away from the sin in your life. I know once I began to repent for my sins, a lot of my anger towards others went away. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!