Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I got an award, I got an award!!!

One of my newest, yet dearest friends, Devin, gave me a blog award yesterday!

Thanks, Dev!!

Now, one of the things I am supposed to do is give the award to 5 other blogs that I love. Um, about that...I love ALL the blogs I read (or else I wouldn't read them!). Plus, I'm not one to pick winners/losers. Probably because when I was in school, I was usually one of the last kids picked for anything (if I got picked at all). Therefore, I will give this award to anyone who is willing to accept it from me.

Yep, Dev, that means YOU can win again, too! LOL

I Y it when everybody wins.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what the deal is with Ande and his beard...Ande works outside all day, every day, and it's pretty stinkin' cold here. The guys he works with all started growing beards back in October or November. When he asked them why, they told him it helps keep their faces warm during the cold winter months. They were right. Ande said his face is MUCH warmer now than it was before he grew the beard.

I'll have to admit, I am not a fan of beards. And I wasn't thrilled when Ande started growing it. However, I don't want my man to suffer on my account, so if he needs the beard to get through the winter, so be it. All I have to say is, as soon is spring hits, that baby better be GONE! LOL


Mom2-2goodboys said...

I hear ya about the beards...over the Christmas holiday Keith decided to not shave. Now that he has a full beard he's decided to keep it because it keeps his face warm. LOL....They all say the same thing!

Devin said...

So many things, so little time...

1. I was one of those "later to never" picked kids too. Awww. Your sentiment there is sweet. I had a hard time picking too (except for you--you were last on the list 'cause you were first on my mind.)

2. How do you get the heart on there? I'm dying--that's so cool! Spill the code, please. :-)

3. I hear ya on the beard thing--Shane's sitting right here and says it's totally true.

Love ya girl--you're very deserving of the honor. Now it's time to put in on your sidebar for all the blog world to see forever and ever and ever and ever and.....

(Oh, and p.s. I can't help it (I always ruin surprises) but I have to tell you....I'm totally working on something so cool I can hardly stand it. More later.)