Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drama, anyone?

This morning, Puckey asked me to give her a candy corn. Yes, I do realize it's December, and yes, we DO still have a few lowly pieces of candy corn left in the candy jar in the kitchen.

When I told Puckey that she could not have a piece of candy corn, she fell (in slow motion so as not to actually hurt herself) to the floor, and cried, "I will run for my life, mama!" I would have taken a picture, but I figured it best to not encourage the situation.

Wow, if she'll run for her life over not getting a piece of candy corn, what on earth will she do when something that's a bigger deal than that happens?


amanda said...

"run for my life" seriously, did you fall down next to her laughing????

Shelly said...

ha! amelie's famous for dramatics like that--her thing is saying, "I'll never have this ever ever again! Oh no! Never again!" with dramatics and gnashing of teeth =)
and we still have candy corn/halloween candy too =)

Devin said...

Oh my word I think I just woke up my still napping children. I am dying over here, just dying.

My littles can be pretty dramatic....but running for their lives? Ain't heard that one yet.

Goodness. That was hysterical!