Tuesday, December 16, 2008


(Subtitle: Chillin' with my Gnomies)

Last Saturday, Ande and I had a friend of ours and her two daughters come for dinner. After dinner, we decided to go to Frankenmuth to check out the Christmas lights and all. It was sort of rainy when we got there, so we didn't really walk around a whole lot.
I did want to take the girls to the Castle Shops in the Bavarian Inn - they have a couple of really cool little stores in there, including one that makes dolls. Like you can literally pick the features you want and get it made right then and there. (Maybe that's like the American Girl Store in Chicago? I don't know, I've never been there) I've always loved dolls, so I enjoyed watching how these ones were put together. If I were to start working again sometime, I think that would be a job I would enjoy. So maybe I enjoyed that store more than the other girls...LOL
Puckey spent most of her time in that particular store playing a mini-accordion. (It wasn't this exact one, but close)

It was pretty cute, and many of the customers commented on just how cute she was. (There were a few exceptions - I'm guessing those people would be the ones who don't even think puppies and kittens are cute.) Now Ande wants to get Puckey a little accordion. Watch out, Lawrence Welk Show - there may be a revival in the works! Ande's dad would be thrilled. LOL
While we were in the shops at the Bavarian Inn, we cracked up as the girls found one of those things that are painted with characters with cut-outs for people to stick their heads through. The theme was "chillin with my gnomies". (Which Bubber, my 14 year old, thought was totally lame - I thought it was hilarious) I, being the unprepared momma I am, neglected to bring my camera. Fortunately, our friend had a camera phone, so she snapped a few shots.

This first one of Puckey is my favorite.

Here's Jib. She didn't quite get the concept of "stick your head in the hole."

The girls and Puckey

All four of the girls - Jib again with the not sticking her head completely into the cut-out.

Afterwards, we stopped at Starbucks for a little treat. I have the feeling that the patrons in that particular Starbucks were NOT thrilled with the fact that there were four little girls in there giggling and being silly. Oh well.

I'm hoping to get the kids up to Bronner's sometime before Christmas, just because they haven't seen it before. If you live in Mid-Michigan, chances are you've at least HEARD of Bronner's. If you aren't from here, but come for a visit, you might want to check it out. It's GINORMOUS!


Shelly said...

aw! what fun holiday times!

oh, and my best friend plays accordian--it is very cool, very hip and chic and what-not =)

Devin said...

Those pics of the girls are so cute. That looks like a great place....I've heard of it before, and always thought, "I wish I had someone to go there with...."

How bout it? It's just a *ahem* short drive for me, right?