Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little Puckey wisdom

Tonight was Bug's first band concert. For a bunch of 6th & 8th graders, it wasn't too horrible. Apparently, though, in order to get a seat at the concert, which started at 7:30pm, we would have had to arrive at about NOON today. It was ridiculously packed.

And for those people who are "seat savers" - don't you just feel like a jerk watching a huge crowd of people looking to squeeze in anywhere they can, while you sit there holding 6 spots open by laying your stuff all over the place and telling people "these seats are saved". Um, if people can't make it to the show on time, then make THEM stand. Let's not penalize those who show up 30 minutes (or more) early just because you apparently have nothing better to do than sit there hogging all the seats.

Okay, sorry about that - I just get annoyed about that kind of inconsiderate stuff. Especially when our family got dressed up to see the show and had to sit on the floor of the gym because Captain Sweatpants and his League of Ordinary Slobs managed to make it there before we did. Don't even get me started on how I did not see ONE SINGLE SOLITARY CHILD give up their seat for an adult.

Anyway...so we went to the show, and afterward we decided to go get something to eat (Thanks to Ande's dad, who gave us some money to get dinner!! Ande is so spoiled...). We went to Applebee's (1/2 off appetizers after 8:00pm - WHOO HOO!!) When we were getting ready to leave, Puckey wanted to "ride the horses" (this particular Applebees has two carousel horses as part of their decorations). I told her that she couldn't ride them, but that this summer when it was warm, maybe we could go to a fair and she could ride one.

We walked outside into the blizzard snow, and Puckey said, "It's warm in the restaurant.", to which I responded, "The horses in there aren't to ride, they're to look at." At which point Puckey, in all of her 3 year old wisdom stated, "They aren't MAGAZINES, mama! They're for little girls to RIDE!"

HA HA HA! She's so funny!

Oh, and unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the band concert, because of where we were seated. We waited to see Bug after the show so I could at least get a picture of her, but she went out a different door and was whisked off by her dad before I knew it. Nice, I know.

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amanda said...

oh those blasted seat-savers. for real.

the early crowd shows up here too... it stresses me out because I am not a naturally early person, so I tell myself to get places early, only to find out that the early crowd has already been there for an hour...

walker was eyeing one of those horses at our applebee's last week... so funny!